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Unix & Linux


Introduction to Unix/Linux and Shell Programming

Unix essentials, commands, utilities, pipelines, shell scripting

Linux Installation and Administration

Installation, configuration and periodic system administration tasks

Unix System Administration

Unix configuration and day-to-day administrative tasks

Unix/Linux Network Programming

Unix/Linux distributed programming with sockets, the Transport Layer Interface and remote procedure calls

Unix/Linux System Programming

Accessing the Unix/Linux operating system using C

Unix/Linux Text Processing

Unix & Linux text processing utilities including sed and awk

Related Courses

C Programming

Covers the whole of the C language from scratch. May be used as an introduction to programming.

Introduction to Perl Programming

Core features of Perl, regular expressions, file and text processing, pipelining

Mastering Puppet

Puppet installation, configuration, usage and extension

Programming with Tcl/Tk

Tcl essentials and Tk GUI development

Go Programming

Go essentials for developing single-threaded and concurrent applications

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