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Unix/Linux Text Processing

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Unix/Linux Text Processing

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Unix & Linux text processing utilities including sed and awk


The 'ed' Text Editor

  • Modes of operation
  • Simple editing commands
  • Regular expressions
  • Powerful search and replace techniques
  • Scripting

Text Utilities

  • Finding files (find)
  • Searching for text (grep)
  • Replacing text (tr)
  • Sorting text (sort)
  • Comparing files (diff)


  • Using sed in pipelines
  • Sed script files
  • Addressing in sed
  • Using sed buffers

Awk Basics

  • Basic awk processing
  • Running command-line scripts
  • Running saved scripts
  • Simple output
  • Formatted output
  • Pre-defined variables
  • Selection
  • Computation

The Awk Lanaguage

  • User-defined variables
  • Operators
  • Conditionals
  • Looping
  • Arrays
  • Patterns
  • Actions
  • User-defined functions
  • Output & input
  • Interaction with other programs

Text Processing

  • Data transformation & reduction
  • Data validation
  • Multiline records
  • Generating reports


Unix and Linux systems host a large number of tools for text processing, ranging from simple tools to search for patterns to complex utilities like the sed stream editor

Awk programs enable powerful text processing scripts to be written quickly and easily. This course provides an in-depth coverage of awk scripting with extensive workshops that cover real-world applications.


On successful completion of this course, participants will be able to:

  • Use simple text processing utilities
  • Use the sed editor
  • Run command-line awk scripts
  • Run saved awk scripts
  • Use the full features of the awk language
  • Use awk for complex text processing applications


This course is for programmers, analysts and system and network administrators who wish to use awk and other Unix/Linux utilities for text processing, analysis and report generation.


No previous knowledge is assumed.

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